3 Steps to a Healthier Eating Plan For Your Children

The child obesity rate in America has sky rocketed. Too many parents are feeding their children nothing but processed, empty calorie foods. This, paired with the fact that kids aren’t getting the exercise they need, are the reasons that so many children are dangerously over weight. It can be hard to get your children to eat healthy food though. This article will give you three main tips to achieve a healthy eating plan for your children.

#1. Be An Example
Your children are not going to eat an apple if you are sitting next to them eating a cookie. Make a goal for yourself to eat the same healthy foods that thye are eating. Start by getting rid of most of the junk food in the house. If they know there’s a bag of potato chips around they are going to ignore any healthy food that is put in front of them. Showing them that you are in this with them will give them the support they need.

#2. Ease Them Into It
If you start by completely cutting out all junk food it can only end in tears. Start out slow. Easing them into the new healthy eating plan will be a lot better than jumping in head first. Start out by simply adding an apple or orange to their lunch everyday. Then slowly start adding more fruits and vegetables and taking out the cookie or brownie. Simply taking off the unhealthy condiments on a sandwich will make a big difference. As time goes on you will end up going from a junk filled lunch to a healthier, whole foods lunch.

#3. Control Portion Size
Huge portion control is such a problem today. Most of the portions we are eating are enough to feed two people rather than one. It’s a big reason why the obesity rate has gone up. We just don’ know when to say “no.” Start cutting down the portions of food that your children are eating. Don’t give them the whole bag of chips and tell them to go at it. Put a small handful in a bowl. It can be hard to stop eating when the whole bag is there for them to eat. If its in a portion sized bowl then they know that they should stop after they have eaten that amount.

When eating dinner tell them to only take a small amount of each item at first, but allow them to eat as many fruits and vegetables as they would like. Once they have eaten it have them wait a few minutes. If they still feel hungry after waiting a little while then they can go get more. This will help them to not overeat.

Healthy eating is so important for your child’s health. Obesity leads to many health problems later in life. It is never to late to teach your children good eating habits.

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